In mid-2016, a conversation was had about improving the social media and storytelling for MONQ as they began to find success in the market.

MONQ was beginning to scale up their sales for their personal aromatherapy device, but in the midst of growth were a few major cracks in the foundation. Their social media did not tell the right story and there was not enough customer service support. So we jumped in and got right to work by immersing ourselves in the world of essential oils and aromatherapy. Within a few weeks, there was considerable growth in Instagram + Facebook engagement and hundreds of messages and inquiries pouring in.

In the following 5 months, we saw a growth of more than 400% on their social media channels and a seven-figure rise in sales attributed to organic customer referral. During this growth, we also brought in our strategic partner Varity Brand to create several rounds of visual media that resulted in helping acquire more than 13,000 new customers and reached 4+ million people. More than 5,000 customer service inquiries were processed and a growing team of Happiness Engineers was implemented for MONQ as they became the #1 company in a growing field.

Social Media Growth

400%+ increase in organic followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in less than 6 months

Organic Revenue Increase

Helped to kickstart and sustain a six-figure growth in organic customer revenue online

Customer Happiness

More than 5,000+ positive customer service interactions + reviews on social media and Zendesk

Creative Media Production

Collaborated with photographers and Varity Brand to create more than 300 pieces of creative media

Companies tend to sell solutions to external problems, but people buy solutions to internal problems.” ― Donald Miller