In late 2017, our strategic partner, Rembrandy, was approached by UrielTones asking for needed help and assistance in keeping their business going.

UrielTones was manufacturing an incredibly cool sound therapy device, but their brand story was weak, costs were too high, and they were almost out of money. We got to work…but first, we had to recreate the company and product from scratch. Within 4 months, we had a new name, website, refreshed the product and accessories, and relaunched as HUSO (short for Human Sound).

In the 9 months before we joined HUSO, they had sold about $42k worth of units and had 1.3k followers on social media. In our 7 months with the company, we led an increase to well over $400k in sales + a social media following of more than 4.3k. Advertising campaigns had a reach of more than 920k and we gladly saw hundreds of people experience the power of human sound.

The Results


Revenue Increase


People Reached


Social Follower Growth

Before & After


UrielTones was gasping for air, silencing their brand story, and fruitlessly attempting to acquire customers…


We came in, refreshed the entire brand story, negotiated strategic partnerships, and launched HUSO within 7 months.

Created Media 

with our strategic partner…

This is HUSO

Humans + HUSO

Novik + HUSO

Companies tend to sell solutions to external problems, but people buy solutions to internal problems.” ― Donald Miller